Classical design is a mirror of the human mind. It's how we see the world.


Classical design is a mirror of the human mind. It's how we see the world.


Classical design is a mirror of the human mind. It's how we see the world.


Classical design is a mirror of the human mind. It's how we see the world.


Kalai Aham

Bharatha Natyam is an ancient dance form which is known for its grace, purity, expressions,and its beauty. Today it is one of the most popular and widely performed dance styles and is practiced by male and female dancers all over the world.

Kalai Aham was founded by Mrs. Mathy pillai in 1996. Mrs. Pillai has been performing worldwide for over 30 years. She was Trained by Guru K.N. Dahashinamurthy Pillai, Padmini Ramachandran (Actress), and Radha Balasubramaniam.

This dance school also is committed to training its studets in contemporary dance styles. Bollywood as well as a fusion style that combines Indian dance movements to Western dances ts a unique curriculum offered here.

ALL ARE WELCOME to learn this spectacular dance form at affordable prices. Classes will be conducted for students 3 years and up.


This is an item where the artist salutes to god, guru and the audience. This item is a warmup item where the artist prepares the body for the next few hours of vigorous performance.


This is a tamil word.A/ar meaning to bloom. It comprises of set of movements without any meaning or expression. The movements are performed for syllables set for a beat (Tala). The complexity of the movements gradually increase. The steps are so formed that it looks like a bud blooming into a flower. This is also a warmup piece to prepare the body for the next few hours of performance. Eventhough there is no meaning, this can also be considered as an item where the artist salutes god,guru and the audience.


This is also an item where the movements will not convey any meaning or theme. Here the steps are more complex than the previous items. The composition can have amazing postures and teermanas or muktayas (ending of a jati). This is a musical composition set to a raga unlike alaripu which has only syllables.


This is a dance item with both nritta & abinaya. Usually the theme of the lyrics will be devotional 1ike praising lord Krishna, depicting lord krishna's childhood , praising a king etc.The movements here are leisurely.


This is the item where the dancers are tested for their capacity to perfolin abinaya 8z nritta. This can be treated as a benchmark to judge the artist's talent.The item will contain many complex steps and will have lot of room for expressions also. To perform this item one should have lot of stamina & concentration. The lyrics can be devotional, praising a king etc. Varna can also have shrigara rasa as its theme.


In this dance item the dancer's abhinaya is put into test. It narrates expression of divine love or pangs of seperation in love. The tempo is slow and the performance is based on a specific mood of love.Padams will have Nayaka(Hero, Supreme lover, Divine Lord) & Nayika (Heroine, the yearning soul). Heroine will talk to her friend(sakhi) and narrate her feelings towards her hero. The lyrics can be about how the hero has betrayed, how he has delayed the arrival, how she is angry with her beloved heroetc. The Nayika and Nayaka Bhavas are explained in detail Here.


This is usually the last item in any bharatan_atyam performance. Tillana is full of complicated movements & postures. This will also have complicated Muktayas Or Sholkattu, ending of any step or aduvu. This is mainly a nritta piece which might have acharana,a mean.ingfull lyrics for which abinaya is shown.